Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sissy Says Sorry.


There were tears this morning.  Well, there have been tears since last night.  I phoned Will and before he could get a word out told him, "I have two things I'm crying over."

"Number one?"  He knew the rest would follow in sequence.

1. My little brother who is not little but 6 feet tall turned 30 today.  And I've spent the day picturing him in his basinett when he was not 30 but days old.  I'm a little stunned that this day has come. 

2.  And Ari.  My event partner Ari.  He read my book and says that Will is only going to be my best friend until he gets married and then he's going to dump my ass.

Tears.  Un-Orange County, super transparent tears. 

Swollen eyes from men.  What else is new?

So, Sissy being the Sissy that she is agrees to meet me for lunch at Jerry's Deli and as I'm waiting for her I noticed she's running a bit late.  I can't wait for her arrival because today is a day I need Sissy's blue-eyed rose colored glass thinking.  Jerry's Deli is good but Sissy's cup is half full is even better.  Even better than carrot cake.

And she's still late...and then.

She arrives, plops down like she does and tells all. 

I love when Sissy tells all.

"I think valet is french for ass wipe."  She puts her purse down and keeps her phone handy for mid lunch texting and text checking. 

Sissy tried parking in the $4.00 valet parking area which was completely empty and Pissy Jerry's Deli Valet Guy was having none of it.  They fought over signage of which Sissy feels strongly about.  He threw Jerry's Deli attitude. 

Sissy was ready to write letters.  To people in management. 

She moved her non-valeted car and Pissy Jerry's Deli Valet Guy gave her a smug look on her way out.

The entire lunch it bothered her.  She's a grown up after all and doesn't like things left unsettled after all.  And she knew like I knew like you know that the best thing to do is to go back and say without an eye roll....I'm sorry.

Yes, it sucks to have to be the one to say it but just say it.  And mean it. 

We walked outside and Pissy Jerry's Deli Guy was changing his shirt.  His work day was done and he was about to leave and this was Sissy's last chance to offer a sincere apology.  She walked up to him, gulped and sweetly said sorry.  He smiled, had hardly remembered and said thank you. 

And as we walked to the car, a lighter, happier Sissy said, "Maybe valet doesn't mean ass wipe in french.  And humble pie tastes really sweet today."
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