Friday, June 18, 2010

Cole's 38 Mitzvah Project: Turned 40!

Brought to you and your brilliant levels of generosity.

The Project continues through the weekend.  Here's the link if you want to read more and participate Cole's 38 Mitzvah Project

Here's what you had to say:
  1. Took an extra day for a coworker that had to leave early.
  2. Paid for a slurpee the kid behind me in line was going to buy.
  3. I paid for the guy behind me at the drive thru at McDonald's the other day.  (don't judge it's my once a week brekky treat)  Brekky being Aussie...we went international, baby!
  4. Donated a car.
  5. Head of security for a company that is generally mean decided to be nice for one day.  Only one.
  6. I forgave a friend who said really hurtful things to me when intoxicated one night.
  7. I'm making a meal for my friend who just had a baby.
  8. I'm bringing soup and movies to my friend who is bedridden after surgery.
  9. I'm making several meals-to-freeze for a friend who is having a baby tomorrow, as well as going over there to do chores next weekend.
  10. I'm helping out a teacher friend who is switching classrooms - so much stuff to move in a short amount of time.
  11. I bought groceries for a family in need.
  12. Making dinner for my sisters family tonight.
  13. Helped a lost little boy.
  14. Bought a special set of cookie cutters that a family really wanted but couldn't afford and shipped to them.
  15. Purchased a significant item for someone to start their business.
  16. Let Cole go without a ticket since it was her birthday: Newport Beach Police Department.  (My new favorite police department...this week anyway)
  17. I decided some money I had set aside was better spent on someone else's need.  So I decided to help that person.
  18. I did something for someone unto you (and Jesus) today..and think the dude was blown away.  Thanks for the idea!
  19. I gifted in honor of you today.
  20. Handing out lottery tickets randomly today. Happy birthday weekend to @PreMiddleAge for suggesting random acts of kindness. :)
  21. Let someone cut in line after waiting 30 minutes which meant I would wait another 30 minutes.
  22. Bought breakfast for someone and didn't wait for a thank you.
  23. My mitzvah in your honor - I donated $5 in your name to I skipped a latte for you and donated that money to help underprivileged children in a 3rd world country.
  24. Happy Birthday!!! I did cover a coffee for an older gent behind me today at Bucks.  May your evening be wonder-filled and janky-free.
  25. Happy Birthday Cousin! Bought the men at the hockey game water in your honor. They're grown ups now so they don't have their mommies reminding them to bring their water bottles. Hope you have had a great day!
  26. We brought cookies to a friend who is home on maternity bedrest.
  27. I gave money anonymously to a guy who lost his home in a flood here in Texas last week.
  28. I bought my sister a refrigerator.
  29. I give Gatorade to homeless people.
  30. I gave money to a kid going overseas as a missionary.
  31. I donated to a charity bike ride by driving my truck doing SAG support for a bike ride instead of participating in order to give back to the cycling community that I have enjoyed.
  32. I volunteered at a Women's triathlon (which I admittedly considered a form of speed-dating). (27-32 all being the same gent.  sexy, huh?)
  33. Tonight at (a) restaurant I paid for everyone's dinner in honor of your 38 Mitzvahs.
  34. A tired mom at target forgot to pay for the wipes in the bottom of her cart.  I added them to my order.  She hugged me saying, "No one is kind!"  That is both the sweetest and saddest thing to hear someone say.
  35. Bought lunch for three women that, for various reasons, couldn't be with their dads on Father's Day.
  36. Bought a Sprinkles cupcake for a lady in line who was about to meltdown from the wait.  She proceeded to tell me how she helps "The Mexicans", not realizing "A Mexican" bought her an effin cupcake.
  37. Someone liked my necklace and I told them to stop by my house and pick up the other one I bought.  Someone else liked it, too, so we went to the store and bought another one. 
  38. Gave a grip of drinks to a family sitting at the beach that didn't have any. 
  39. Gave a gift card to a woman that couldn't stand me.
  40. I forgave my ex-husband for being himself. This was a real milestone that I have been working on for years. your note reminded me that forgiveness is Not a Feeling, it is a Choice. Thanks Cole.
Beautiful ways you have shown love to people. 

Much love from a very warmed birthday almost forty year old but not quite forty year old heart,
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