Cole has been called, "a writer that motivates social change."  Gaining nearly 7,000 followers in just one year, Cole was recently named number 25 in Orange County, CA's most followed people on Twitter. 

Cole Harmonson has become the go to on the subject of pre middle age. An emerging term for those ages 30-50, Cole speaks to readers about topics such as: emotional maturity, first bouts with anxiety, career ambitions setting boundaries, embracing rest, fear of failure and success, the art of grace and civility and finding your creative outlet.  It's not unusual for someone to pull up a chair and start talking when they see Cole. She's a corporate event planner and has been honored to open her ear to more than one wounded heart. Mentoring with great passion for over fifteen years, it makes sense why they come to Cole. She's a magnet. Now, she takes to the streets to hear your stories. She's a social anthropologist of sorts and you can find her at and

Though Cole Harmonson lives in decadent Orange County, CA she is frequently one month behind on her electric bill. You are welcome to sit outside with her, by candlelight, on the days her power is shut off.
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