Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday School: Horns, Thuds and Cars

Lessons Learned on Your Average Sunday

1. Master Light Horn Tapping.
So, the light turns green and I mean barely turns green and Monster Truck Guy lays on his horn for me to go.  Me?  In my poor, aged car.  So mean.  We both go, turn the corner and stop at the next light.  That's when I get out.  Yep.  I did.  I motioned for Monster Truck Guy to roll down his window and said, "Darling, I don't know what you're so angry about but it's a light, that's it.  And your honk is completely inappropriate.  A light tap or two will do and maybe you can throw in a wave."  He grinned, apologized and we went on our way.

If your mother isn't dying and you're not rushing to get to the hospital to see her, there's no need to lay on the horn that hard.  Master the art of the light tap.

2. Say Sorries.
I parked my car in one of the many shopping malls I visited this weekend.  And I was running through some rather racy texts before going inside.  I like a little visual stimulation to inspire my shopping.  So, Accord pulls in real fast two spots over and rams (yes rams) into a shopping cart.  Said shopping cart goes barreling (yes barreling) into the front of my car and hits with a rather loud thud. 

I did the two horn tap to get her attention and noticed that she watched the whole incident happen.  She got out of her car, grabbed a package from the trunk and quickly ran inside the store, avoiding eye contact with me.  Hmmm. 

My younger year instinct would have been to have an encounter with her and Set.  Her.  Straight. 

I'm over it.  I looked at her and saw myself as a young woman, making rash, fast, hurried decisions and thinking of myself more than others.  And I quickly remembered causing little bumps and dents of the car and non car type.  I smiled.  I let it go.

And I reminded myself to say sorry when I cause dents and bumps and bruises and thuds even if others don't.  I'm only responsible for my sorries.

3. Moments are More Important Than Material.
I went to dinner with Brazil last night and we had a very boring lackluster evening of conversationless sushi.  Thank God the tuna was spicy because nothing else was.  Brazil is handsome and sexy and otherwise fun to watch but conversationally, he is an Ambien. 

He got me started thinking about cars though and perhaps looking at a new one instead of the old one I have.  I was a constant new car girl for many years.  It's a little humbling being no power steering or air conditioning girl.  I do like being no car payment girl though. 

Thinking.  Thinking. 

So, Brazil is talking through all the financing options because that is what he does and he's making calls and I love when men make calls for me.  And he takes me home and I sleep the sleepless night of a woman that might be buying a new car for the first time in a long time...again. 

And that really turns me on.

And it hits me.  Well, it doesn't hit me immediately but it hits me as I'm out test driving Mercedes the week before Thanksgiving.  There are people without food.  Let me rephrase, there are people without food everyday of the week but it's highlighted in the heart the week of thanksgiving.  So, I'm waiting for the guy to get the key to have me drive the car and I keep hearing in my heart, "You're going to spend $500 on this car and you could spend $500 on a person...every month."  I had great conflict in my heart about it.  I still have great conflict about it.

There are pre middle age questions to ask and to answer.  Is the car more important than the people?  Is the image more important than quietly helping someone in need?  Will material matter more than moments?  I can't honestly say I have answers to all of these but I'm glad, at this age, I'm wrestling with the questions. 

Much love....Cole
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