Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lessons in Love: Fa La La!

Lessons in love from you.  You're very, very welcome for my transparent heart and gushy mind.

1. French love songs help ease the pain of a new "in like" fading to "'eh".
2. Whipped cream helps, too.  Use it to coat everything, particularly your raw beating heart on the table.  Or, uhh...the hot chocolate.  Both burn your insides.
3. After talking to my niece yesterday I realized, love at 17 is no different than love at 37.  It's just more wrinkled and requires a calendar.
4. All you can do is take a man at his word until you can't.  That bit o' wisdom is from a southern friend.  They know a couple things down there, ya'll.
5. You are tall, booby and leggy enough for someone.
6. LA Sucks.  Except for Phillipes and MOCA and, well, that's about it.  Ask me in a couple months.  This week, it completely sucks egg.
7. If he invites someone else to the concert and only invites you to lunch, run, darling.  It's ending before it even starts.  You should be the lunch girl and the concert girl and the kissing girl and the dirty text girl.  It's a package deal.
8. Men will try to put you in their pocket and pull you out when it's convenient.  Don't fit in the pocket.  Don't be a pocket girl.  Take a whole fucking seat and refuse to be tucked away.
9. Men do dumb things.  They are still good men. 
10.  You do dumb things.  You still are a good women.
11.  I do dumb things.  I'm still amazing.
12. It's worth falling in a bit of love to experience that, "I can't concentrate"' feeling.  To be Pre Middle Age and still have that is worth it.  Even when it ends. 
13. Continue with the French love songs if you still feel like shit.  It'll end soon. 
14. Within a moment, you'll take a breath, look up and another bit of love will be there.  And one day, because you believe in messy, beachy love, the real thing will come along. 
15. Even when you're tempted to close up and wall up after a "love hurt".  Don't!  Man up!  Open that gushy heart.  Be brave and say yes to love again.

Terrrible love blows this week.  And a cold on top of it.  I should jump off the ledge.  It's only two steps though so I don't think it would be quite as impactful as I'd imagine.  So, I'll keep my heart open.  I'll love.  I'll say hello.  I'll have lunch with strange men that smell of gorgeous little adventures.  And I'll wait for kisses and texts and dates and like and then

Much love to you this very merry Christmas.  May your list be full of nothing but the want of friends, family and fellowship.

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