Friday, January 15, 2010

Lessons in....The Power of Play

Brought to you from all the tickets stubs currently collecting in the bottom of my fabulous purses.

1. The circus is more fun at 37 1/2 than it is at 3 1/2.  I bet 37 3/4 is even better.
2. The minute you think you are too cool to go to the front of the stage, go.  Get outside your pre middle age comfort zone.  No standing in the back for you, you hot thing.
3. When the drummer says to fuckin' dance like when you were five, fuckin' dance like when you were five, darlin'.  Quit worrying about who is around you and what you are wearing and who you want to impress and the sweating.  Just dance.
4. Go places you don't normally go.  Do things you don't normally do. 
5. Outrageous valet fees are worth it to save your feet in those 4 inch heels.  You're welcome.
6. Tip well.  Tip even well-er-ish when you have an old ass car.  Be cool like that. 
7. You are not too old to take on a creative endeavor.  Want to be a painter?  Pick up a brush and start painting.  You can start being the you you dream of today.  Today.  That was, uh, today. 
8. Heavy play requires long naps sometimes.  Take them before your grouchy kicks in.
9. Don't play cool.  Be wide eyed, darling!  Enjoy new things and ask questions and see things for the first time.  It's okay to be the question asker instead of the question answerer. 
10. Shift.  Find something new.  Put the old toys away every once in awhile and make a day for new ones, new adventures, new songs, new places and new sounds.
11. Master the art of calendar management.  Playing is hard without it.  Working and playing is even harder without it.
12. Play is powerful. Maybe it's watching a performance or being part of one or sitting alone in a theater or communicating with your lover or designing something or writing something or reading something or having your ass kicked in yoga or simply watching grown men beat the shit out of each other on the ice.
13. Nod your head rather than shake it.  Clap your hands rather than clenching your fists.

14. Pretty little girl....get outside your head, outside your body, outside self.  The world is bigger than you and your pretty little head so just go ahead and have yourself an amazing time.  I promise you'll have fun.
15. Oh, and kissing.  Make sure there is lots of kissing.  Kissing is more fun at 37 1/2 than at 3 1/2 for sure.  I bet 37 3/4 is even better.

Much love and play,
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