Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award.....!

I'm a bit in Mumbai Love with Dazed Diva.  International love, that is.  Event planner love, too.  We event planners stick together.  You attenders?  Stand in line.  She gave this sweet little shout

Cole over at Pre Middle Age … she’s outrageously funny; her life lessons are great; and she’s got sass ! and she’s an event planner like me :)

The rules of this award are:
Thank the person who nominated you for this award
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Link the person who nominated you for this award
Tell us 7 interesting things about you
Nominate bloggers and link to their blogs

7 Cole Facts.
1. I think naps are air.

2. I'm as difficult as I am charming.

3. Having no power steering is giving me some kick ass triceps.  You may feel for $1.00.  (All proceeds go towards the "should I get power steering fixed or another purse fund")

4. My ass will stop a car.  It's fabulous.

5. I'm terrified of success.  Oh, and terrified of failure.  And slithery snakes on animal type nature channels late at night.  I'm willing to work on the first two some more.  Not the last one at all.

6. These are the prints I'm "viewing" in my living room this month. One with attitude.  One exposed.  And one exhausted from a party.  My life summed up in print.

7. He stood in front of me the other day after lunch, opened his suit jacket, and I reached in wrapping my arms around him.  I don't know when I let go but it was the best moment of March.

Cole.  Cole.  Cole.  Enough, huh?  Here are some other bits of amazingness for you to check out when you have a moment or two or maybe even seven moments.  Seven moments would be perfect. 

Katie Markus at Behind The Brand … Such a pleasure to wind through her design blog.

Zoe Blue at Wink Wink Wink  ....Want to lose yourself in all the lovely madness that is dating?  You MUST meet Miss Zoe!  Make sure to see her "first date flowers".

Andrea Memenas at Hip Moms Who Work  ...Funny.  Sarcastic as hell.  Just brutal enough.  And based in the land of all things Orange?  My.  Kind.  Of.  Woman.

The Urban Dater  ...Ever wonder what it would be like to date a gentleman that dates well but still has some grrrr to him?  Here's your man.  If you can't date him, learn from him. 

Ryel at Ryel J Photography  ....She simply tells the prettiest, sweetest, most complete stories in her pictures and you won't want to have anyone else shoot you.  Well, shoot you.  You know what I mean.  Shoot you. 

Much love globally and locally.
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